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Name Fort Preble

Associated Records

Image of 2011.093 -

2011.093 -

Personal memoir of Terry Hilborn about the Willard Beach Clam Shack.

Image of 2005.010 -

2005.010 -

Portland Country Club - 100th anniversary booklet.

Image of 2015.083.41 - Fort Preble Collection

2015.083.41 - Fort Preble Collection

Private William "Billy" Laird - copies of letters related to his execution at Fort Preble in 1863.

Image of 2010.006.1 -

2010.006.1 -

Fort Preble, Maine, and the War of 1812 by Harold W. Youmans, published in 2009.

Image of 2014.088.10 -

2014.088.10 -

Old Settlers Cemetery - interments and disinterments. Letter dated May 5, 1961, from the Office of the Quartermaster General of the Department of the Army in response to a request from Lt. Colonel Eben L. Webber. Letter states that the first serviceman interred in the Fort Preble cemetery was on November 22, 1870. Over time, the remains of 21 people - service people and their families - were interred in the cemetery. In September 1917, the remains were disinterred and reinterred in the Fort McKinley Post Cemetery, Maine. The cemetery was closed in June 1952, at which time the remains were removed to Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York.

Image of 2007.096.1 -

2007.096.1 -

Fort Preble - Welcome Home Celebration - program - August 23, 1919. Two copies.

Image of 2007.072 -

2007.072 -

1861 letter - references to garrison at Fort Preble.

Image of 2005.072.2 - Onos-DiPhilippo Collection

2005.072.2 - Onos-DiPhilippo Collection

Fort Preble - 1918 letter to soldier at Fort Preble.

Image of 2010.006.2 -

2010.006.2 -

Journal of the War of 1812, published in 2009.

Image of 2007.078.5 - Kenneth E. Thompson, Jr. Collection

2007.078.5 - Kenneth E. Thompson, Jr. Collection

Muster roll of prisoners being held at Fort Preble on February 29, 1864. One of the prisoners was written in as "Jason C. Rich". This prisoner was actually Jabez Cushman Rich.

Image of 2007.078.6 - Kenneth E. Thompson, Jr. Collection

2007.078.6 - Kenneth E. Thompson, Jr. Collection

Fort Preble - Post orders - September 24, 1864. Includes list of daily activities and time of day, such as reveille, drills, meals, etc.

Image of 1980.001 -

1980.001 -

U.S. Government Ledger, April 1, 1863 - Nov 9, 1868. Several references to Fort Gorges, Preble and Scammell.

Image of 2006.071.9 - Rosella Loveitt Collection

2006.071.9 - Rosella Loveitt Collection

Tour of historic sites in South Portland, divided into 3 distinct sections. "Eastern Tour" covers the area from Bug Light Park to Waterman Drive and back. The "Pleasantdale Tour" begins at Cash Corner, follows Main Street into Ligonia and Pleasantdale, then to Highland Avenue, and back to Cash Corner via Broadway. The "Western Tour" covers the area around the Maine Mall, Long Creek, and Thornton Heights. ****Please note that there are numerous inaccuracies in this document.*****

Image of 2012.117.2 - Oliver K. Marshall Collection

2012.117.2 - Oliver K. Marshall Collection

Post Book of Record of the Armament and Artillery Practice at Fort Preble, Capt. Giles Porter, 1st Regiment of Artillery - containing various records and documents from 1842 thru 1893. Including a "record and description of the guns mounted at Fort Preble : the number of each mounted gun, its calibre, weight, names of founder and inspector, ... the description of carriages and date of reception at the post; where from and greatest field of fire..." Oliver K. Marshall Collection, part of the Fort Preble Collection.

Image of 2012.117.1 - Oliver K. Marshall Collection

2012.117.1 - Oliver K. Marshall Collection

Journal containing Reports of a Guard Mounted at Fort Preble, with various dates in 1850 and 1851. Daily entries list the guard details and the prisoner(s) held. Also includes an envelope containing miscellaneous receipts and vouchers for funds disbursed (1910). Oliver K. Marshall Collection, part of the Fort Preble Collection

Image of 2014.029.17 -

2014.029.17 -

January 2001 copy of Down East Magazine, special annual issue dedicated to South Portland - Maine's most invisible city. Two copies.

Image of 2014.077.2 -

2014.077.2 -

Brief newspaper article about the research and publiication, by Donna L. McKinnon and Joel W. Eastman from the University of Southern Maine, of a brochure covering the history of Fort Preble and how it became home to the Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute.

Image of 2008.020.6 -

2008.020.6 -

Newspaper clipping about the old Thrasher Burying Ground, "One Man Project ... Seeks Cemetery Restoration," about Eben L. Webber working to preserve the Old Settlers Cemetery.

Image of 1999.001.1 - Sylvia and Earle Angell Collection

1999.001.1 - Sylvia and Earle Angell Collection

Inscription list for Old Settlers Cemetery, also known as the Thrasher Burying Ground - list of burials in the graveyard.

Image of 2008.020.40 -

2008.020.40 -

Article on Old Settlers Cemetery, interview with Molly Chancey, Professor of English at SMCC. Second page of article is missing.