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Name Preble Street

Associated Records

Image of 2012.019 -

2012.019 -

From Dirt Roads to Tarred - report submitted to Dr. Yorke by Sally Newell - 2 May 1979 as part of a History of Maine course. A history of the Willard / Loveitt's Field areas from 1896 to 1970s, with photos. Photos of: 1. Aerial of Loveitt's Field, circa 1930 2.Cobb House on Preble Street 3. Willard Beach Casino 4. Trolley at Willard Beach Casino 5. Willard Square, circa 1900 6. Willard Beach, crica 1920's 7. The Grandview Hotel 8. The Cloyster Hotel, aka The Cloyester 9. A Marelatus Club ticket from 1938 10. Loveitt family homestead at corner of Preble and Deake Street - 510 Preble Street, photo taken in May 1979. 11. Marelatus Club, circa 1930 12. Home on Pond Road, on

Image of 2014.035 -

2014.035 -

Two copies of a report: "Study of Streets Taken by Shipyard during WWII", research by Roger Murray, 2010. 5 pages. Details the streets and addresses taken over for the construction of the shipyard. A total of 144 homes were lost. (Draft copy and final copy)

Image of 2015.007.7 -

2015.007.7 -

Plan for development of land on either side of Franklin Terrace, surveyed in 1890 for B.J. Willard. Map shows area between Preble Street and Simonton Cove, and the proposed "new street". (Book 8, page 9)

Image of 2015.039.11 -

2015.039.11 -

"Fire Sweeps South Portland Landmark," former Grand View Hotel, 551 Preble Street, includes photocopy.

Image of 2004.013.2 - Woodbury Collection

2004.013.2 - Woodbury Collection

Benjamin Woodbury home which would later become the Grand View Hotel. Clara E. Woodbury as a baby with her rag doll "Gypsy" and her mother. Auntie Woodbury beside the fence. Typical home [...] looked like in 1888. House sold to W. Libby in 1898 by Charles J. Woodbury. Libby sold to Bessie N. Hearn in 1901 and she sold to Flora Johnson in 1920. She sold to Herbert P. Cook in 1940. Only hotel in South Portland: 54 rooms.

Image of 2006.071.59 - Rosella Loveitt Collection

2006.071.59 - Rosella Loveitt Collection

The Loveitt House, Preble Street, circa 1889. In front of house is Grandfather Loveitt, Aunt Sophia and their dog "Watch".

Image of 1977.001.6 -

1977.001.6 -

44 Preble Street, Cushing's Point - Carrie Paige Hummell house.

Image of 2004.013.68 - Woodbury Collection

2004.013.68 - Woodbury Collection

Captain Silas Mariner homestead, east side of Preble Street, near Broadway, in Ferry Village. Also sometimes spelled Marriner. House location is identified on 1871 F.W. Beers atlas. Three of Silas Mariner's children were born in this house: Silas Henry (b 1835), Emeline Merritt (b 1837), and Mary Curtis (b 1841). See page 1147 of the genealogy, Descendants of Edward Small of New England, for more details on the Mariner family. Mrs. Mary Curtis (Mariner) Young, daughter of Silas, was the last of the family to occupy the house. Her widowed sister, Emeline Royer, lived with her in the house until Emeline's death in 1909. Mary died in 1928 and is buried in the family plot (G-21) at Mt. Pleasant C

Image of 2014.134.20 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.20 - Inventory of Old Houses

258 Preble Street 1888 Hannah Smith to Albert Smith, land 1911 Frank C. Smith, motorman, P.R. Co., to Albert Smith, fireman, Boston & Maine, land (listed on 1914 Richards Map -- built between 1911-1914?)

Image of 2014.134.14 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.14 - Inventory of Old Houses

158 Preble Street 1856 Silas Marriner, ship master to George W. Parker, sheriff, land (house probably built in 1857-58) 1898 Parker to Charles L. Bennett, clerk, land and buildings 1905 Cora E. Bennett to Warren A. Merriman, clerk 1908 Warren A. Merriman to Malvina H. Merriman 1934 Melvina Merriman to Cora F. Merriman 1966 Milton B. Merriman to Philip C. Nixon

Image of 2014.134.15 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.15 - Inventory of Old Houses

164 Preble Street 1867 Charles McKinney to Paul McKinney, laborer, land 1876 Paul McKinney to Sarah A. McKinney, Hattie E. McKinney, Cora G. McKinney, land and building 1896 A. Eugene Parmenter to Cora G. Cleveland, Hattie E. Corey 1912 Fannie E. Cleaver, Hattie E. Corey, Carrie E. Cole to Cora G. Cleveland 1922 Cora G. Cleveland to George W. Hovey

Image of 2014.134.16 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.16 - Inventory of Old Houses

172 Preble Street 1865 Samuel Smart, truckman, 3 lots assessed (house probably built 1865-66) 1866 Samuel M. Smart to David Upton, sea captain, land 1866 land and 1 building assessed 1895 David Upton to Emma Upton, land and building 1903 Joseph H. Upton, millman Upton to Myrtle L. Taft Taft to Olga Jensen Edith I. Larrabee to Olga Jensen Jensen to Thos. and Dor Dierson 1963 Anton O. Jansen 1978 Thomas J. and Dorothy M. Pierson

Image of 2014.134.17 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.17 - Inventory of Old Houses

245 Preble Street pre-1838 Peter Woodbury 1838 Woodbury to Stephen and George Jordan, land (house built between 1871 and 1901?) 1901 Annie M. Jordan (widow of Wilson R. Jordan?) to H.E. Willard, land and buildings 1920 Amelia A. Geraghty and Charles W. Willard to Almon G. Libby, land and buildings

Image of 2014.134.18 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.18 - Inventory of Old Houses

246 Preble Street pre-1873 Mary E. Strout 1873 Mary E. Strout to Eunice J. Waterhouse, land 1902 Waterhouse to Lyman Twitchell, lots and buildings 1902 Twitchell to Wallace A. Springer, land and buildings 1903 Emma Upton to Joseph H. Upton, land and buildings 1912 Upton to Myrtle L. Taft, land and buildings 1917 Wallace A. Springer to Robert R. Parsons, land and buildings

Image of 2014.134.19 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.19 - Inventory of Old Houses

248 Preble Street 1853 Jeremiah Strout to Caroline Jordan, land and buildings 1889 Frederick H. Harford, administrator of estate, to Eunice J. Waterhouse, land and building 1893 Eunice J. Waterhouse to Charles J. Waterhouse, 2 lots (house must have burned down) 1896 Charles J. Waterhouse to Daniel S. Waterhouse, 2 lots Eunice J. Waterhouse to Lyman B. Twitchell, 2 lots, one with building 1904 Lyman B. Twitchell to Charles E. Lewes, land and buildings

Image of 2014.134.21 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.21 - Inventory of Old Houses

268 Preble Street 1763 Thomas Simonton and heirs to S. Willard, land 1863 Samuel Willard to Samuel Willard, Jr., land 1875 Gustavus Willard, Georgiana Willard (heirs to S. Willard, Jr.) to Freeman Willard, fisherman and later assessment assessor (also heir), land and building 1923 Gilman I. Wlllard and Georgiana Willard to Marianne H. Strout, captain, ESS Co., Franklin Wharf, land and buildiing 1957 Marianne H. Strout to Robert and Jessie Farley, land and building

Image of 2014.134.22 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.22 - Inventory of Old Houses

301-303 Preble Street (records are for 301; photo is of 303) 1838 Samuel B. Angell to David Dyer, land 1838 David Dyer to Annie M. Loveitt, Betsy Angell, Octavia Angell, Angele Angell, Albus Angell, Sophia Angell, Samuel B. Angell, land pre-1848 Wm. Clives, David Dyer, Sm. Angell, in order 1848 Wm. Clives to Samuel B. Angell, land and building 1859 Samuel B. Angell to Octavia Clives (wife of Wm. Clives), land and building 1885 Octavia D. Clives to John Loveitt, fisherman, land and buildings 1890 John Loveitt to Martha A. Loveitt (wife of John), all real estate 1894 Apphia and Henry E. Willard to Maria A. Thrasher, land and buildings 1898 Nathanael Loveitt, fisherman and son

Image of 2014.134.23 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.23 - Inventory of Old Houses

308 Preble Street 1876 Enoch Loveitt, David Loveitt, George Loveitt, Nathaniel Loveitt, Caleb Loveitt, John Loveitt, to James Loveitt, fancy goods merch., land and no building (part of Jedediah Loveitt Estate) 1895 James Loveitt to Loenah and Lois Loveitt, land and buildings 1895 Loveitt to Lois Gould 1912 Loveitt heirs: Lois Loveitt, Carity Shearer, B.H. Liveitt, Edna C. Loveitt, Lydia A. Loveitt 1912 B.H. Loveitt, Edna C. Loveitt, Charity Sherar to Lois Loveitt

Image of 2014.134.24 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.24 - Inventory of Old Houses

325 Preble Street 1863 J.B. Woodbury, shipmaster, to Jessie Goold, land and building 1883 Ella F. Allen to George S. Jordan, fisherman, land and building 1883 Benjamin J. Willard (guardian of Emma D. Gould, minor heir of the late Jessie Gould) to George S. Jordan, land and building 1912 George C. Jordan, blacksmith, to Charles C. Jordan, land and building (George S. Jordan homestead)

Image of 2014.134.25 - Inventory of Old Houses

2014.134.25 - Inventory of Old Houses

330 Preble Street 1876 Enoch Loveitt, James Loveitt, George Loveitt, Nathaniel Loveitt, Caleb Loveitt, John Loveitt, to David Loveitt (part of the homestead of late Jedediah Loveitt, does not mention building) 1878 David Loveitt (father) to David Loveitt, Jr., land and buildings 1916/1928 David Loveitt to Sarah J. Loveitt, land and building 1923 Sarah J. Loveitt to Etta J. Ridley, 5 parcels of land 1948 Etta J. Ridley to Donald A. Ridley, land and building